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An Effective Marketing Tool For Businesses

Benefits of Having A Zoek App

  • Stay Connected with Your Clients

  • Update Your Audience Instantly with Push Notifications

  • Create a Loyal Customer Base with Social Walls

  • Generate Repeat Business with Loyalty Programs

  • Drive More Referrals with Incentives

  • Impress Your Client Base

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"Simply put, smartphone apps have become too important a marketing tool for small business owners to do without."

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Our apps are jam-packed with great features to boost sales, notify and engage users,
schedule events, find locations, serve up multimedia content and more.
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What Would Your App Look Like?

* Due to Apple's updated guidelines, we can no longer publish the app on our own Developer Account - Clients will need to create their own Developer Account through Apple, get it approved and then provide us with login information. There will then be an additional $249 fee in order to publish the app to the Apple Store. 

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