FAQs About Your CAP

1. What is my CAP Site and why do I have one?

CAP is an abbreviation for Client Acquisition Page and that is what it is used for. We have created the perfect formula to get our client’s CAP Sites on the front page and drive more traffic to your business and existing site (if you have one). Think of it as an additional directory listing that is much more built out than the traditional form allows.

2. Why can’t I use my own website?

Our CAP sites are specifically programmed, coded and designed to achieve front page placement on major search engines, which is our ultimate goal for your business – and the reason you signed up for our services. If we were to use your website, we would have to gain access to make some major changes – both aesthetically and to the backend coding - and the way your site is built might not accept these changes.

3. Why does my CAP have all of that content?

The content that we use for your CAP has been specifically written to address your targeted clients and contains the keywords and city locations in order to assist search engines in correctly identifying your business as a “best result” when keywords are typed in by your potential customers in the cities that you’ve selected. It is necessary for us to keep this content on your CAP. Keep in mind that your potential customers are most likely just looking for a business like yours and probably won’t be reading the content. Think of it as a secret weapon that your CAP will use to notify Google, Yahoo! and Bing what the site is about, getting it on the front page of search results where it’ll be seen by people looking for your business. Once people see it, 89% of people will click to the contact page to get in touch with you!

4. What if I want to include my own content on my CAP?

No problem! Send it on over! We can either work it into the content that we’ve written for your CAP or add it to its’ own page on your site. If content is provided to us to work into our content, please remember that not all of the changes that you request can be made but we will do our best to stay within our best ranking guidelines. Really want your content verbatim on the site? Again, no worries! Send it over and we’ll add it to its’ own page.

5. I want a different template now. Can I change my current CAP to a different one?

Yes, however we highly encourage you to not make any changes to the template so we can keep this campaign as consistent as possible for the search engines.Once your CAP is created and live on the internet, search engine web crawlers begin exploring the site to see what it’s all about. All of our templates are created and coded to enhance the ability for these web crawlers to get through sites but the longer the site is up and live, the more relevant and understood it is by search engines. We can change the template but will need about a week to complete it since a change in the template will result in us needing to recreate the site. We suggest leaving your CAP in the form that it’s in and making changes to alter the aesthetics of it instead of recreating it entirely.