7 Reasons Marketing is Vital to Your Business

Here at Zoek, we spend a lot of time talking about marketing. Of course, part of the reason is because we are passionate about marketing—that’s why we love helping business owners become successful online. But there’s more to it than that. Marketing has been around for a long time; probably longer than you realize. While marketing styles have changed over the years, its importance to a business’s success has not. So, why is marketing so vital and what role does it play in modern business ownership and promotion?

1. Marketing builds relationships between the business and its customers

When you think of your favorite brands, you probably think of a marketing campaign that appealed to you, whether you realize it or not. For example, many people feel a connection to Coca-Cola because of the wholesome Americana advertisements that were so pervasive throughout the 20th century. Generations of Americans grew up watching these commercials, which were deliberately made to feel so comfortable, homey, and memorable. This has helped build a relationship between the Coca-Cola company and its customers. There are many other examples of brands that pull this off equally as well—Johnson & Johnson and Levi jeans are a couple.

2. Online sources inform customers of pertinent information in real time

It used to be that marketing campaigns targeted customers through print. Then came radio, then television, then the internet. Nowadays, companies use social media and blogs to update customers in real time. By doing this, they are keeping customers in the loop with minimal expenditure.

3. Marketing engages customers with the company

Building upon numbers one and two, it only makes sense that by regularly interacting with customers, businesses can build relationships with and engage their customer base. Whether it’s through a provocative social media presence or a reputation for stellar customer service, marketing can help a company engage customers and keep them engaged for years to come.

4. Business owners can gauge effectiveness of advertisement through marketing statistics

When running a marketing campaign, one of the key factors to consider is its effectiveness. To determine whether a campaign is effective, marketers examine all kinds of data. This includes information on who is visiting websites, who is clicking on ads, how long people are staying on important pages, and which types of products people seem to prefer. There is a ton of data to be gleaned from marketing strategies, and this helps business owners determine whether their plan is working and assists them in planning future campaigns.

5. Marketing helps owners maintain control over the conversation about their businesses

Businesses highly engaged in marketing campaigns always know what people are saying about them. After all, it’s absolutely necessary to keep track of these kinds of conversations to determine whether the business is being perceived positively or negatively. If it looks like a campaign is not being received as intended, then it’s time for #6: PR.

6. Everyone needs PR—and marketing can help provide PR services

Although PR is often called in during a crisis, it’s also necessary for larger businesses to have someone to help with PR for everyday online activity. It becomes easier to influence the conversation when marketing campaigns draw attention in the right direction. For example, let’s say a business posted something that was perceived as sexist. The company can issue an apology, take down the ad, and direct attention to something else with a new ad. PR masters can help solve these problems, and the company can use marketing strategies to its advantage in determining the effectiveness of the intervention.

7. The most obvious reason: Marketing, when done well, helps boost site traffic and sales

This speaks for itself. Obviously, marketing is done in the first place because it is seen as an investment: to help maintain the company’s image for long-term stability; to help foster relationships with customers so that they have positive experiences; and to engage customers so that they trust the brand and are willing to invest in the company. Businesses are obviously trying to make money. That is the point of having one, of course—but business owners, especially local business owners who love the community they serve, also want to create great relationships with their customers and clients. By boosting site traffic and making more sales, the business can continue to operate and provide great services for a long time.

And there you have it! 7 reasons marketing is vital to your business. If you’re thinking of starting a marketing campaign but have no idea how to go about it, here's the good news: you’ve read the right post and you’re on the right site. We’d love to help you. Simply get in contact with us and we’ll walk you through the rest.

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