Google Fi and the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger: What it Means for Your Business

You may have heard about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger approved by US Justice Department just this week. It is a $26 billion deal, making it the fourth major US cellular provider. This is huge news, giving consumers more options to pursue for cellular coverage.

So, what does Google Fi have to do with this?

Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that functions as a reseller for cellular communications services such as T-Mobile and Sprint. It essentially purchases minutes for customers to use from the third-party mobile network operators and resells them to customers at a greatly reduced rate. In return, the mobile network operators get access to data capacity, which they would otherwise have to pay more for.

Google Fi has taken advantage of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger to gain access to a wider network. Prior to this merger (and for a while during the transition phase) Google Fi relied on more limited wireless networks to provide services. With the greater coverage provided by the new cellular network, Google Fi is a more dependable source for people to access cheap, reliable internet.

What does this mean for your business?

Google Fi is developing into a better option for businesses to pursue. Plans start at $20 for unlimited calls and texts for one person. If you need to add another business associate to the plan, it’s $15 per person. There are flexible options for data usage with a cost cap when you reach 6 GB--if you use more than that, you don't have to pay more! There are also no hidden fees or contracts.

What if I’m not in the United States?

No problem! There is data coverage around the world at competitive prices that you would pay at home. It is available in over 200 countries and territories. This is a major bonus for international companies or business owners who travel often. It also doesn’t charge extra fees when using your phone as a hotspot, as the data cap applies to using your phone as a hotspot as well. Finally, it is available for multiple phone types—previously, it was limited to Android phones, but now it is available for Android phones and iPhones.

This may seem like a sponsored post for Google Fi, but rest assured it is not! This is simply to give you the new (and admittedly exciting) news. More versatile options for businesses mean that business owners can take communications options into their own hands.

How do you see this working? Would you look into Google Fi for your business?

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