Making the Most of "Offers" in Google My Business Posts

Google Posts are a feature of Google My Business. Posts allow you to create and share updates that people will see when they search for your business. You can also designate posts as events, company updates, and special offers. Recently, Google announced it changed how local listings display Google Posts designated as offers.

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So, first things first: How do you designate a post as an offer?

Go to "Create Post" while logged into your Google My Business dashboard.

When you go to “create post” you’ll see an area where you can select different attributes: “What’s new”, “event”, and “offer.” Select “offer” and add a catchy title.

You can apply a photo and set the time limit for your offer. You can also add coupon codes if applicable. Additionally, you may set up a link with the offer so that people can be directed to a page of interest, such as an area to make a purchase. (This is starred in the image below so you can see where it is located.)

The best part is that you can have up to 10 different offers running at once in the local listing carousel. Be sure to choose eye-catching photos and add links to make it easy for customers to learn more and make a purchase!

Why is this important?

Google is constantly coming up with ways to provide more “at-a-glance” information to those who are using the search engine. This is why you see business hours, website, contact information, reviews, photos, and offers in the search results now. By utilizing these features to their fullest extent, you can set yourself apart from the other local businesses and provide that little extra incentive for someone to click on your listing instead of your competitor’s.

What do you think? Will you be taking advantage of Google My Business's offers?

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