How to Give Your Content a Unique Brand Voice

You have probably heard the phrase “Content is King" before; in fact, we’re probably guilty of using it! But the reason you’ve been hearing it is that there’s truth in it. Copywriting is the art of creating unique, brand-targeted and SEO-friendly content. This content is aimed at driving traffic to your site, hooking visitors, and keeping them on your site until they make that call, schedule that appointment, or buy that item from your online store.

Okay, so that was a wordy way of telling you that content is important because it’s what creates that “special connection” with your audience. When you connect with an audience, they’re more likely to stick around and trust you enough to make a purchase.

So how do you find that unique brand voice? How do you make your content sound like, well, you—and still serve its purpose in getting people to choose your business?

Figure out who you’re selling to.

This might sound really obvious, but sometimes it isn’t. Too many people don’t know the answer to this basic question. Some people want to appeal to everyone, while others just want someone to buy their products or services. But before you are able to get your business off the ground, you have to know where to direct your efforts. So, take the time to figure out things like:

  • What does your audience find interesting?

  • What do they want to find when they visit your site or store?

  • What kinds of problems can you solve for them?

  • How likely are they to want to choose a competitor over you?

Answering these questions will help you figure out how to write your content—are you writing for professionals who want to cut to the quick, or are you trying to reel in creatives who appreciate a unique way of viewing the world?

Find what sets you apart.

This might sound a little idealistic, but it’s true: you would not be in business if you didn’t feel like you had something to offer. Are you a dog walker? Then you definitely love animals—and helping people. Are you a real estate agent? You likely care about families—helping them find the perfect home, seeing the smiles on their faces as they reach a significant milestone in their lives. Are you a general contractor? You probably love being hands-on and seeing the results of your hard work—you’re not just a fixer; you’re also an artist!

So, find out what makes your business unique. Play that up when you’re talking to your customers. You can convince them why you’re special—but you have to know why, and believe it, before you master this skill.

Why should they pay for your services over someone else’s?

Whether you’re the dog walker, real estate agent, or general contractor, chances are you’re not the only one in your area. So, now that customers understand why you stand apart from the completion, how can you convince them of the value of your services?

Figuring out what sets you apart might sound like it’s the same thing as convincing them of the value of your services. But it isn’t. You see, someone may love that you’re a real estate agent specializing in helping families find their first homes, but they might think you specialize in the wrong neighborhoods, or that your services are too expensive. Similarly, someone might just be looking for the cheapest general contractor or dog walker.

You have to convince people not only that you have a worthwhile business to visit, but that your services provide a lot of value: high-quality work, no “cutting corners,” customer loyalty programs—you name it. Whatever extra value you can bring to the table, let them know about it.

Give them what they want!

Once you know whom you’re writing for, what sets you apart from your competitors, and how you can bring value to every customer, you’re ready to start writing your content. There are probably hundreds of other tips we could offer about the art of writing content, but this is a good way to start. When you follow these guidelines, you’ll give yourself a great starting point, so you don’t have to return and edit everything later when you’ve figured out that your audience isn’t who you originally thought they were.

If you need help writing content, Zoek is here to help. Simply schedule a time to experience a demo of our products and services, or just call a personal marketing consultant and ask any questions you need to be answered!

Happy writing!

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