5 Reasons You Need to be Engaging with Customers Online

You've probably heard that businesses should engage with customers online. But do you know what this means? And do you know why you should be doing it? Below, we offer 5 reasons you should engage with your customers online.

1. You put forth your best professional image.

Local companies have always staked their reputations on interacting with customers. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that most local businesses knew the majority of their clientele by name. While today’s world operates a bit differently (can you truly interact with everyone you’re friends with on Facebook?), it’s possible to engage with them frequently. If you do this regularly, you show that you’re interested in what they have to say about your business. This will create a positive image for your brand that will last for years to come!

2. Consistency is key to growing your business.

When you consistently interact with customers, you’ll see that new fans on your social media platforms will be excited to follow you. When they see you as a positive, aware, and engaged business, they’ll look forward to your updates. On the other hand, if you are sporadic with updates—or worse, don’t update at all—you’ll find that people unfollow you. They may even start to view your brand as unreliable. Just make sure that whatever you choose for your schedule, you stick to it!

3. You’ll get feedback as well as free advertising!

This might sound a bit strange. However, when customers give feedback on your posts, they’re drawing others into the conversation. You have a chance to respond and see what they’re thinking. And, if they like your content enough, they’ll want to share it with others. This is free feedback AND advertising for you, and for them, it’s a positive experience interacting with a brand they like!

4. Positive word of mouth and recommendations will help you reach more customers.

Many customers appreciate you taking the time out of your day to respond to their concerns. Even if they are complaining, you can often turn a negative experience into a positive one if you respond courteously and genuinely. This can lead to them spreading the word to friends and family, or leaving positive reviews online, which will help others see that you are a reliable business.

5. More traffic to your website = more business for you.

One of the most important reasons you should find ways to engage with your customers is that you’ll get more traffic to your website, which means more calls and visits to your business. Every time someone new learns about you, you have the opportunity to make a great impression and gain their loyalty as return customers. Making sure your listings are consistent across the web, and making sure you have filled out all social profiles and listings completely are surefire ways to draw more clicks and calls. It’s up to you to make sure you provide them with the positive interaction they’re looking for. If you do this, you’re well on your way to success.

Can you think of other reasons to interact with your customers online? Let us know!

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