Digital Marketing Agency Places Among Top SEO Authorities

Zoek offices in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Zoek, a top digital marketing agency focusing on helping small- and medium-sized local businesses, has been named a high-ranking SEO service by Launched in May 2016, Zoek has already been recognized as the #2 ranked local SEO service, #11 ranked overall SEO service, and #4 ranked Apple app developer in the United States., founded in 2002, offers advice to buyers looking to purchase services from internet marketing vendors such as Zoek. To determine a company's rank and give the buyer the best informed opinion, gathers information from the clients of internet marketing services. Factors used in the ranking results include user experience with products and services, answers received from a referral questionnaire, and data gathered by interviews with clients. Using scientifically-valid research methods, the research team then analyzes the gathered data to create an overall company rank. Zoek's high placement was determined by this evaluation process. Zoek helps businesses improve their search engine rankings through targeted SEO and search campaigns. The company offers a number of services, including business listings, custom content, social media services, mobile app development, call tracking, and customized client acquisition pages, which are unique to Zoek's services and are one of the reasons for the company's accomplishment as a top SEO service. Clients can also track ranking progress by using Zoek's proprietary software, giving them the chance to see firsthand how their marketing efforts are paying off. By offering clients such a variety of services at affordable rates, Zoek aims to be a top digital marketing agency for business owners across the US and Canada. "The salesman helped me pick out a package based off my needs and didn't push me into buying a higher priced one, which was a nice change of pace," says John Woods, a Zoek client. "I've been looking for marketing services for some time now, but none have been as helpful as Zoek." Zoek plans to continue this comprehensive approach in client acquisition and customer service to best serve local business owners. Zoek also plans to partner with charity "Second Harvest Food Bank," an Orange County-based hunger-relief program, as a way to give back to the local community. Zoek is an online marketing company that works primarily with small- and medium-sized businesses. The marketing company offers custom websites, app design, social media services, custom content creation, and business listings to clients across the US and Canada. Zoek can provide everyone, including business owners with limited budgets, services to get better search results. To learn more about Zoek's online marketing services for local businesses, visit

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